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For many years Happy Valley Church has built and supported churches throughout Uganda, Africa. Ugandan Pastor Swaga Moses has overseen the assistance that has allowed these churches to be built and grow in the Lord. Here are some of those Ugandan churches and believers.

Kigulu Church New Roof

Kigulu Church Uganda
Pastor: Basule Sosipateri

New Roof December 2015


Bulyowa Church,Kaliro District, Uganda
Pastor: George William Okoko

Ikumbya Church

Ikumbya Church, Luuk District, Uganda
Pastor: Charles Bameka

Nsinda Church

Nsinda Church, Mayuge  District, Uganda
Pastor: Mutoto Tadeo

Mbilabila Church

Mbilabila Church, Mayuge District, Uganda
Pastor: Hosea Musana

Bulanga Church

Bulanga Church, Luuk District, Uganda
Pastor: Samson Lubogo

Naigobya Church

Naigobya Church, Uganda
Pastor: James Abbo

Kimanto Church

Kimanto Church, Luuk District, Uganda
Pastor: George Tefiro

Kaliro Church

Kaliro Church, Kaliro District, Uganda
Pastor: Baliita Hannington

Kidhuna Church

Kidhuna Church

Kidhuna Church, Jinja District, Uganda
Pastor: Milton Kasadha

Namasagali Church

Namasagali Church, Uganda
Pastor: David Lubega

Naluwori Church

Naluwori Church, Kamuli District, Uganda
Pastor: Robert Bukusuba

Buwuni Church

Buwuni Church  Bugiri District, Uganda
Pastor: Vincent Mukaga

Mpungwe Church

Mpungwe Church

Mpungwe Church  , Uganda
Pastor: Godfrey Bawali

Buwenge Victory Church

Buwenge Victory Church

Buwenge Victory Church, Jinja District, Uganda
Pastor: Stephen Kadaala

Butende Church

Butende Church, Iganga District, Uganda
Pastor: George Kafuko

Kinu Kayaga Church

Kinu Kayaga Church, Uganda
Pastor: John Kavuma
Pictured is a temporary shelter.

Iganga Church

Iganga Church, Iganga District, Uganda
Pastor: Paul Musulube

Tororo Cement Church

Tororo Cement Church, Tororo District, Uganda
Pastor: James Otwan

Gwase Kirimbi Church

Gwase Kirimbi  Church, Kamuli District, Uganda
Pastor: Mathias Kasala

Budhuba Church

Budhuba Church, Luuka District, Uganda
Pastor: Godfrey Waiduba

Believers Bible Tabernacle

Believers Bible Tabernacle, Iganga District, Uganda
Pastor: Paddy Emma Byakika

Namayemba Church

Namayemba Church, Uganda
Pastor: Patrick Dafa

Buyengo Church

Buyengo Church, Uganda
Pastor: Amon Waiswa

Nawampiti Church

Nawampiti Church, Luuka District, Uganda
Pastor: Frank Mayanja

Kasozi Church

Kasozi Church, Uganda
Pastor: George Kakusi
Temporary Shelter

Kamuli Church

Kamuli Church, Uganda
Pastor: Charles Basalirwa

Bugade Church

Bugade Church, Uganda
Pastor: Philip Mukaga

Kiyunga Church

Kiyunga Church

Kiyunga Church, Uganda

Nizigo Church

Nizigo Church

Nazigo Church, Kayunga District, Uganda
Pastor: Bosco Kategere

Through your help their church is on Foundation stage as you can see in the picture and they have built asimple shelter for fellowship as they wait for God’s provision to construct the main church. – Bro. Swaga Moses

Namutumba Church

Namutumba Church, Namutumba District, Uganda
Pastor: Samuel Kirinde

Busanda Church

Busanda Church, Uganda
Pastor: Vicent Serwanga
Temporary Shelter

Irondo Church

Irondo Church, Namutuba District, Uganda
Pastor: Ronald Nabongho
Land purchased, currently worshiping in a Temporary Shelter