A Powerful Church – The Late Rev. Dale Ketch, Blacksburg, VA.




Paper Back Book

This book contains sermon quotes from the messages of Bro. William Branham.

Pg.1 Power from on High
Pg.4 Powerful Church
Pg.16 Power to remit sins
Pg.24 Body will obey the word
Pg.31 Power to create a world
Pg.33 Power to lay my life down
Pg.40 Holy Ghost power
Pg.48 Holy Ghost unction
Pg.50 All power is given unto me
Pg.53 Power of the tongue
Pg.59 Adopted Sons
Pg.62 Powerless Church
Pg.67 Powerful Weapon
Pg.71 Power to become Sons
Pg.75 Hidden Power
Pg.78 Restoration of the Powers

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