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This is usually an indication that your computer operating system
The streaming player automatically adjusts the image quality to the speed of your internet connection.  Internet speeds can occasionally decrease.

If your internet speed drops the player will switches to a lower bitrate video in order to provide a continuous, uninterrupted delivery of the livestream.  Lower bitrate streams will be less sharp and the sound quality my also change.

If you wait the image quality will improve as your internet speed improves. The player can be forced to use the highest bitrate by clicking the Settings icon , and clicking on 720p.

On extremely rare occasions, clicking on the Settings icon will only show options for 288p and 144p. Refreshing the page will usually correct the list and show all three bitrates available, 720p, 288p, 144p.

There are two places where sound volume is adjusted.  Each affects the other.  Your computer has a volume adjustment which can usually be found on the task bar and the streaming player has a volume adjustment.

If the sound volume is low after the player volume is at max, then adjust the computer volume.

Some laptops are not very loud, even when both volumes are at maximum.

This Error Code means that live streaming has not yet started.  We try to start approximately five minutes before scheduled service times.  Wait a minute or two before trying again.
This is usually an indication that your computer or mobile device is experiencing slow internet speeds.

The slow speed could be an problem with your internet provider or with your personal modem/router equipment.  You might try restarting your modem/router.

Livestreaming and Archives come from different servers and use different players. This means that because one works the other may not necessarily work. If you are experiencing trouble Livestreaming or Archive streaming feel free to email Support at the address below or call the number below during service times.
Contact: [email protected]

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For Live support:
Phone 423-543-1073