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Brenda Couch

I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for baptizing me with the Holy Ghost with Fire in the deliverance service Wednesday night. I used to come to this church years ago with my husband. My husband died and I became bitter and cold on God. Next thing I knew I was completely backslid and couldn’t feel God at all. It was August of last year The Lord started dealing with me again and drawing me back to Him. I started visiting this church again and asking the Lord where He wanted me to be. I prayed and a voice spoke to my heart and said you go back where you left me, and I knew it was here at Happy Valley. So I locked the doors on my house and moved up here in an apartment. Then when Bro. Reagan announced the deliverance service I knew it was for me. I prayed and said Lord I want the Holy Ghost with fire. I’ve got to know you dwell in me. When I went through the prayer line I told Bro. Reagan what I was asking the Lord for. The ministers started praying for me and I actually felt I was caught up above everyone. I heard someone screaming and praising the Lord. The next thing I knew I was back at my seat. The next day I watched the video of the service and realized the person I heard screaming and praising the Lord was me. I know I will never be the same. I thank the Lord for the baptism of the Holy Ghost with fire.