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Dan Robbins

For years I have struggled with sugar diabetes. A few times through the years I have ignored it, denied it and within myself said I was healed. But I ended up sicker and even in the hospital on occasion. When our pastor announced that he was having a deliverance service with a prayer line, I wasn’t sure what I’d go for. I had long accepted I was diabetic. I had the right medicine and If I did what I was suppose to do, everything would be ok. But … it kept coming back to me this sickness is a devil and why shoud I allow him residence? Hate, greed, jealousy, etc. are of the devil and I dont’ allow those things to reside, so why should I allow sickness?
When I went throught the prayer line I told Bro. Darrell Ward that I was tired of giving this devil a place to reside and he responded with “Well let’s kick him out!” Since that night I havent’ taken any of my medication and I feel great! In the past if I had missed a few doses for a day or two, it would shut me down and put me in bed because I couldnt’ function. I am feeling beter than I have in years.
It was several days before I told my wife because I wanted to know it was real. I have now testified to several and am doing it here now as a testimony to God. It is a serious disease and don’t do this within yourself, but God wants us healthy and I give him all the praise.
Before… I wanted to beat it myself because I didn’t want to be bothered with it any longer, but whem God let me see it was the devil residing in me, I wanted deliverance. Please pray for my continued faith and again I give HIM all the GLORY!
This will be seen by all my friend, believers and perhaps unbelievers, but I am not ashmaed to testify for HIM. I can only home this helps someone. Don’t do anything foolish yourself, but know that God is a healer!!! Thanks for your time.