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Ruth Louise Bruning Jacks

I have been blessed to stream these services for many many years. When I heard of the Deliverance Meeting, I spread the word and tried to get a ride there, and felt led of the Holy Ghost to pray and agree for matters on His Heart for me and my family and all the Body, for I knew this was God shifting His Own mightily Free of devils, flesh and world so we can complete His Program with Him in this day. I felt led to be in prayer vigil that His Presence would be Glorified and all your and all my prayers, all the YES’s God had on His Calendar that could be completed Wednesday Night would happen just happen to us all. Hattie Wright (Right) Style. I never got a ride there, but HE gave me a Ride all week then in the Meeting by Spirit/spirit:

This is my first Testimony,

I cannot tell you the moment, but suddenly, on the way to the meeting via Live Stream, I felt a cool sweet soft loving feeling go all over the left side of my brain and a tension left but the Glow of that Hand stayed. I realized God had touched me! I had a terrible brain injury over five years ago when I had tripped on a run up my prayer mountain and my head hit protruding tree roots and I lost consciousness. Although The Kind Lord led me out of almost 50% disability on my right side, I still struggled to walk right and have had years of nerve pain. I even had prayed with Bro. Darrell Ward, we agreeing with the Word. But, this last Wednesday I asked the Lord to COMPLETE His Healing, and COMPLETE all the YES answers to All the prayers He has shared with me for my family and others during the past 38 years-

So after the meeting, I noticed it was easy to keep my body weight over the heels of my feet while moving and to keep my neck and head lifted up and my shoulders uncrunched. Then, today, I felt it ALL!!!!!!!!!

My back had straightened-honestly I had become so used to limping on the right side and having my head bent to the right , I had forgotten what it felt like to be truly, comfortable upright!

My head was up and my neck free and I could WALK, heel-toe, heel-toes and even when I climbed I could keep balanced! My balance was back, And the top center of my skull no longer ached and I could sleep without pillows keeping my limbs and right side supported WITHOUT PAIN! I no longer had to struggle to move left and right side ! My vision is now clearing and the tooth that satan had gotten a poor dentist to deliberately injure–he admitted it–is no longer hurting and I have no swelling anymore in my mouth! My tooth is healed too!

I am experiencing His YES to my petition for once and forever RELEASE from all these chronic conditions for me and I know soon I shall be receiving testimonies from all my children of How He touched them too!

Thank-You Lord Jesus and Glory to You for all prayers, sacrifices, answers, manifestations, encouragements, for Your Love Letter of Yourself, The Word! I am so glad I am part of Him!

Sister Ruth Louise Bruning jacks (maiden name, Balash)

Hiawassee, Georgia.